What To Test?

Basic Features:

  • Swapping: Test swapping on main pools, track errors and bugs.
  • Send: Test sending tokens using exchange interface.Sending test should be on both simple send and (swap & send option).
  • Pool: testing add liquidity and create new liquidity pool.

Advanced Features

  • Fixed Swapping Pools.
  • Whitelist pools.
  • Donation pools.

Who would be able for to Testing Program?

  • Be sure you have MetaMask wallet loaded with small amount of real money (mainly ETH & USDT).
  • Aware of Ethereum transactions tracking using etherscan.io.
  • Good understanding of pools & liquidity.
  • Submit your request into the post on Discussion Board.
  • We will contact you directly using Discussion Board Direct Messages.

How to start testing?

  • Obtain some test Ether from a Ropsten Faucet (here, here or here) to be able to start testing.
  • Make sure that you select the Ropsten TestNetwork on MetaMask.
  • Now you are all set to start testing the SeaSwap platform.

What is the Benefits?

  • As long as you are a regular tester, you will grantee a monthly $FISH token.
  • You will be promoted to a closed group to (test/discuss/vote) the early deployed features.
  • You will get more advantages for our activities.

To follow up and participate please go this page.